Weekly news

2017-10-23 12:38:10 by Terebonkoff


  Dear friends! In this report I will tell you about the work done and about what kind of work is being done now!
  Last week, the release of the updated first episode of the game was successfully released! I thank you, my friends, for your comments, for your timely error messages, for your support! Thanks to each of you, everything went well! Work on the first episode was painstaking, as there were a lot of bugs! Some visual changes have been introduced, for a more enjoyable game for you! Now I'm working on a mobile version of the first episode on the Android platform!

  Also, now all the forces will be use for the new version of the second episode of the game! I want to note that all the mistakes are taken into account, the work has become better! I want to please you not only with beautiful content in the game, but also an improved storyline, visual changes in the interface of the game, and secondary quests!

  Thank you for your great interest to the game, and your support of my project. It is very important for me!

  Your Tereman ;)


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