Entry #1

Lida`s Adventures on Patreon

2017-10-19 12:36:21 by Terebonkoff

  Lida's Adventures will tell you the story of a couple, Lida and Dmitriy. After 5 years of a happy marriage life, Dima (Dmitriy's nickname) accepted a promotion which provoked big changes in their life. This new job granted them a huge house, a swimming pool, a private gym...but they had to leave their native town, friends and relatives for a small American town.

  Lida was eager to leave their rented house for a new mansion and the couple quickly settled in their new home. As Dima was introduced to its new job and assignments, Lida was busy with preparing a special dinner to celebrate this great day.

  It was this very day that happened what she'd have never imagined, what would changed her life tremendously...

 At the moment you can always download my game on the Patreon website !!!



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