Entry #8

Lida`s Adventures Ep2 V0.3 is almost ready!

2017-12-11 04:01:22 by Terebonkoff


Hi everyone, dear friends! 
  I'm happy to inform you that the release of "Lida`s Adventures Ep2 V0.3" will be at the end of this week! There was a lot of work, but almost everything is ready!

  There will be individual access keys to the game! These keys will open access to certain content and secure your game!

  I want to inform you that by the end of the year, the first episode of the game will be released on the Android platform. Also in January there will be a second episode on the  Android  platform!

  And one more request, my dear friends! I ask my patrons who have "Mac" and who will be ready to test the game, write me a personal message!

  Thank you all for attention, my dear friends! I am very glad that you are with me! Your Tereman ;)



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